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College Student Sponsorship

Student Sponsorship Details

Who: Designed for students leaving high school, headed into construction trade post high school education. 


Program: FFI/DW to sponsor students going into program, to help with out-of-pocket costs. 


When:  Program best suited for high school graduate before entering post high school trade education


Estimated student out of pocket costs, assuming they have applied for, and been granted, the Last Dollar Scholarship.


Books, for 2 years, average cost (per admissions office summer 2021) - $2300

Tools, shirts, PPE - $1070

Summer internship, 4 credit hours, not covered by scholarship - $830


TOTAL - $4200


 How do I apply for the sponsorship? 

“Applicants” will work for Fager Framing or Deckworks in summer after senior year, before entering a program.  Your  work ethic and desire to learn is your application!  If we like what we see, Fager Framing/Deckworks will offer to sponsor the applicant.  If the student accepts, we assume the entire estimated out of pocket cost of $4,200.  


How do I get the sponsorship money?  

To receive the sponsorship money, the applicant comes back to work for FFI/DW for their summer internship between 1st and 2nd year, and receives a $700 bonus at the end of the summer.  After graduating and spending 6 months working for FFI/DW, you will receive an additional $700.  A $700 bonus at 1 year of employment will be awarded, and a final bonus of $2,100 will be given at your 3 year anniversary.   


What if I don’t have any experience? 

Experience is not necessary, but a desire to learn and a good work ethic certainly is!  We want students who are looking to start a career with a leader in the local construction market.  If you have the desire and work ethic, we will give you everything else you need to start a long rewarding career.   


Do I have to apply again for the next summer, and after graduation? 

No, if FFI/DW offers the sponsorship after the “summer application”, and the applicant accepts, the applicant will be considered an employee, and will be ready to return to work as soon as summer break begins.  There may even be options over Christmas break or Spring break if the student is willing. 


What kind of benefits can I expect working for FFI/DW? 

Other than a great team environment and on the job training with the leading framing company in the Cedar Valley, FFI/DW offers competitive starting wages.  Also, after 60 days of work, you will be eligible for health and dental insurance and employer paid life and disability insurance.  IRA enrollment at one year.

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3123 Big Woods Rd. Cedar Falls, IA 50613


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